Sept. 19, 2020

Young Pros Defy the Virus

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The pandemic has been tough on people everywhere. In public relations shops across the world, people have lost their jobs, graduates have seen offers evaporate, and students watched internships vanish.

But that hasn’t stopped some young pros from pushing back on the virus. Maya Malekian, Geneve Lau, and dozens of PR students and recent graduates around the world have teamed up to launch a global pro bono PR shop. Robert connects with Maya and Geneve to talk about their agency, Empath Worldwide, its beginning, and the future.

And Sarah examines the genius and the impact of the Smokey Bear campaign, in this 76th anniversary of the public service icon who still reminds us that forest and wildfire prevention is our responsibility.

Also, the team talks about IPR’s virtual marathon to benefit PR research, Alexa, and coffee donkeys.


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