May 21, 2021

How to Give a TV Interview

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Who in PR Nation likes to give media interviews? Some of you probably love it. But we’re guessing an equal number are just fine not standing in front of a TV camera. And we can’t blame you. The interview process can be frightening. It can be invasive. It’s rarely fun.

But there is a new book that can help you manage, survive, and possibly even enjoy the media interview process. Robert visits with one of the authors, former TV anchorman Rick DeBruhl, about “The Insider’s Guide to Media Training.”

Also, the crew debates a White House requirement that reporters get some quotes approved before publication, tries to understand Prince Harry’s criticism of the First Amendment, and consoles Sarah over the final results of this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame voting.


Rock and Roll HOF – 2021 Inductees

Prince Harry calls First Amendment ‘Bonkers’

Reporters fume at White House ‘quote approval’ rules

Opinion: The CDC’s mask guidance is a mess. Biden needs to clean it up.

Guest: Rick DeBruhl

Amazon: The Insider's Guide to Media Training

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