June 4, 2021

The Ultimate PR Handbook Reviewed

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If you had to read one book about public relations, what book would it be? Would you read a book about social media? Maybe one about research and planning? How about one on writing or marketing techniques? That sounds like a lot of books, maybe too many.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get everything you need to know about all these topics and more in one handbook? We’ve found one that covers every PR topic in a format that doesn’t waste your time.

It’s called “Complete Public Relations” and it’s hot off the presses. Robert continues PR Nation’s summer PR book review series in a conversation with two of the book’s three authors, Suzanne FitzGerald and Joe Basso.

Also, the crew comments on the French Open’s mishandling of Naomi Osaka’s media concerns, the firing of an Associated Press writer for her political tweets, and the United Airlines contest for people who’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19. 


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Osaka Fallout: Are Press Conferences Still the Answer?

AP explains why it fired Emily Wilder

United Airlines’ contest gets passengers to share vaccine info

Guest: Suzanne FitzGerald

Guest: Joe Basso

Publisher: Complete Public Relations

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