April 23, 2021

Learning PR from Circus Clowns?

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Do you worry that you might be missing something when you write a PR plan? Are your pitching skills current? Do you know the easiest way to get a PR effort started? So many questions, so little time.

Luckily, Amy Rosenberg has written a book full of tactical PR advice, addressing those and many other PR mysteries. Robert has read the book, “A Modern Guide to Public Relations – Unveiling the Mystery of PR.” On this episode, he kicks off PR Nation’s spring PR book review series talking with Amy, an Oregon-based pro, about the guide, her PR approach, and the circus clowns who inspired it!

The crew rolls through the studio today, but lots of client work has left little time for chit chat this week. John O’Dwyer is along with the latest PR news, but other fan favorites, like Take 3, return better than ever in two weeks!


Guest: Amy Rosenberg

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