April 9, 2021

Is TikTok a PR Tool?

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Most of us know TikTok as the social media platform for short-form videos used mostly by younger people. But is it just for Gen Z-ers who need to dance or is it more than that? Many well-known brands are using TikTok with impressive results: Guess, the NBA and NFL, Chipotle, and even the Washington Post.

So maybe there’s hope for the rest of us? If you’ve been on the sidelines watching the TikTok game play out in front of you, this is your chance to learn how TikTok could be a tactic in your next PR campaign.

Sarah, PR Nation’s in-house digital native, talks TikTok with Samantha Ogborn, founder and CEO of Once and More, about her passion for the platform and the tools for those of us who might be holding back.

Also, the crew discusses Sarah’s Star Wars-themed cat artwork, whether PR Nation’s pets need their own Instagram channel, and what should have happened the moment a ’60 Minutes’ reporter fired a tough question at Florida’s governor a month ago.


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