Feb. 19, 2021

Is Clubhouse a PR Tool?

Clubhouse is the new audio-only social media app causing quite a stir all over the internet. It’s been around for almost a year but only recently have most people discovered it.

Clubhouse is an invitation-only platform where people on the inside can wander virtual hallways, popping in and out of rooms filled with groups of members from around the world having live conversations about all kinds of topics.

Can Clubhouse be used as a PR tool? Robert visits with ADWEEK’s social media reporter, Scott Nover, and social media influencer Giselle Ugarte about Clubhouse as a PR tool.


Guest: Giselle Ugarte

Guest: Scott Nover

Even in COVID-19, Journalists Seek Brief, Relevant Pitches

Will Clubhouse be the next social media platform for marketers?

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