Oct. 31, 2020

Storytelling That’s Out of This World!

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Everyone loves a good story, but what happens when the story is so good that it sends people into a panic? We celebrate Halloween Eve with the story behind the story of a Martian invasion that terrified American radio listeners this night in 1938. Robert breaks down Orson Welles’ radio drama “War of the Worlds” with Gail Jarrow, author of a book about the broadcast, “Spooked!” They examine the story, the techniques used to horrify people with sound, and the lessons for today’s PR storytellers.

Also, the crew debates music preferences, and surprises Sarah with a trip to another scary place that just happens to be one of her favorite spots on the map!


Gettysburg: National Park Service

The Twilight Zone

Guest: Gail Jarrow

War of the Worlds Broadcast from 1938

Amazon: Spooked!

Guest: Lindsay Graham

Lindsay Graham’s History Podcasts on Airship.fm

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