Dec. 11, 2020

How to Be Your Own PR Boss

Is it time for you to become your own PR Boss? Maybe you’re tired of working for a PR agency or in-house for an organization. Perhaps you’ve lost your job due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Whatever the reason, if you’re thinking now might be the right time to work for yourself, then you’ll want to hear Sarah’s conversation with Michelle Garrett, a freelance PR pro since 1999. Garrett manages a weekly Twitter chat for freelancers, #FreelanceChat, and joins the show to tell you how to make the move into freelance PR.

Also, New Pros contributor Pooja Kamat makes her debut from the United Kingdom with a conversation about personal brands. Tony Byng, Director of Student Education of Marketing at the Leeds University Business School, joins Pooja to talk about the importance of personal brands, why you need one, how to start one, and if you have one already, how to make it better!


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Guest: Michelle Garrett

New Pros Contributor (UK): Pooja Kamat

Guest: Tony Byng

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