Dec. 18, 2020

Hot Takes on PR Agency Life

Have you ever lied about pitching the media? Our guest says he did when he was younger and working for a big global PR firm. Ed Zitron is the CEO of E-Z PR, a firm that handles media relations for tech clients. He’s also the author of a PR book called “This is how you pitch – How to kick ass in your first years of PR.” Robert caught up with Ed for a conversation about the PR business. Right from the start, Ed tells it like it is, so brace yourself for a conversation that’s so hot it could melt your mobile device! 

Also, New Pros Contributor Michaela Lewin debuts with tips for PR students still hunting for a spring internship. Her guest, PR prof Natalia Lopez-Thismon, from Southern Adventist University, tells you what you need to know to land a gig in the new year.

And with a snowstorm hitting the east coast this week, the crew blames the COVID-19 pandemic and virtual learning tools for the end of everyone’s favorite school holiday, the snow day.


Guest: Ed Zitron

Amazon: This is How You Pitch

New Pros Contributor: Michaela Lewin

Guest: Natalia Lopez-Thismon

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