June 26, 2020

Expecting More From Brands

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It’s hard to imagine any brand with a logo showing a slave woman on its food products, but the Aunt Jemima imagery has been appearing on its breakfast packaging for more than one hundred years.

Now, Aunt Jemima is finally being retired, along with several other black representations of cooks and servants on famous food brands. But it took weeks of nationwide protest marches to spur marketers to reflect on their branding choices.

How is it these racial stereotypes have survived this long? And what should brands do to make sure future creative work sells products without offending customers?

The questions are relevant to everyone working in communications. For the answers, Robert connects with RIESTER’s Chief Creative Officer, Tom Ortega, for his take on the changes and what we can expect from brands going forward.

Also, a good friend joins the podcast to play the AP Stylebook Showdown today, while Robert explains why there’s no tournament. And Sarah plugs her favorite brew!


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Guest: Tom Ortega

Guest: Jessica Cahill

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