Feb. 14, 2020

Does Anyone Miss the White House Press Briefing?

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Does anyone care that the White House has held just one press briefing since January 28, 2019? Journalist Scott Nover asked the question in an article for Washington Post Magazine, and tells Robert what he found. The two also discuss whether PR pros outside Washington, D.C. should worry that traditional media access is stifled by the Trump Administration.

Also, Summer can neither confirm nor deny a bow-tie for the Johnson puppy pug is in the mail, while O’Dwyer’s PR Newsletter Publisher John O’Dwyer reports top PR news headlines for the week.

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O’Dwyer’s PR Newsletter

Guest: Scott Nover

The last White House press briefing was months ago. Does anyone really miss it?

Here’s what White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham has to say about not holding press briefings

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